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Barriers to Teaching Welsh Law


Research has found that there are significant barriers to teaching students about laws passed by the Welsh Assembly.

Research to be unveiled in Cardiff on 25th April will show that there are significant barriers to teaching law students about law passed by the Welsh Assembly.  Since 2011 the Assembly has had its powers increased but the regulation of legal education has not kept up with important developments.  This means that a generation of law students will not be required to know about vital areas such as the rights and obligations of renting property in Wales.

The research carried out by the University of Essex and funded by the Legal Education Research Network found that over 90% of academics surveyed in Wales felt there was a need to establish a body that will keep the curriculum under review to keep up with the pace of change.

Amongst other findings, it was found that a large majority of law students want to be taught about laws emanating from the Assembly, and that there was a shortage of Welsh language skills amongst law tutors.