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Award-Winning Welsh Company Creates Revolutionary Online Teaching Solution


With a staggeringly high number of teachers threatening to quit the classroom, award-winning Welsh company has created a revolutionary online solution.

As many of us are aware, there is currently enormous pressure on schools in the UK to raise standards against a backdrop of pupil numbers soaring and teacher numbers depleting. Therefore, with the ratio of pupils to teachers at an all-time high, and shrinking budgets for staff development, the pressure is well and truly on for the UK’s current teaching force to secure high standards.

Gareth Coombes and Gareth Cooke

Gareth Coombes and Gareth Cooke, as former head teachers and now founders of online solution, Teaching Continua, have experienced these issues first-hand and wanted to find a way to combat them. They want to enable teachers to better cope with their circumstances by providing online support that helps them reflect on their own performance in order to develop their skills and deliver high quality, sustainable outcomes for learners.

The subject is more sensitive than ever with current political unrest with the new coalition government creating further uncertainty for teachers with fears of more brutal cuts and a compromise in the drive for high standards.

Founding director of Teaching Continua, Gareth Cooke said on the matter:

 “Standards of Teaching and Learning in Schools are always at the heart of discussions especially after an election. Teaching Continua is an online self-evaluation and development tool that supports schools in addressing the current issues of further cuts to already struggling schools. It provides a process for schools to enhance the quality and rigour of continuing professional development with the teacher being at the heart of the process.”

The comprehensive resource supports teachers in evaluating a wide range of their own practices and enables practitioners and schools to define exactly what they need to do to improve. The online tool also provides crucial data enabling teachers to monitor their own progress and share it with others. This holistic monitoring tool gives schools the detailed data they need for individuals, teams and the whole school to demonstrate progress over time for teaching overall, every section and sub-section of the product.

This ground-breaking tool hasn’t gone unnoticed with the prestigious UK Enterprise Awards recognising Teaching Continua as a finalist in three of this year’s esteemed categories: The Entrepreneurial Finalist, Ever Green and Public Sector Award.