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Attracting and Retaining Talent – Expensive or Expedient?


Three questions to ask your FD . . .

  • Is your remuneration package appealing to the type of talent your organisation needs to grow?
  • Is your reward and recognition scheme tax efficient and cost effective?
  • Is your FD aware of the potential risks of IR35, international commuters and PAYE?

If your business needs to know the answers to these questions then help is at hand from Grant Thornton, Cardiff at their FD Intelligence event, on Friday 13th July in Insole Court, Llandaff, with their Employer Solutions Team available to provide insights, experience and debate on your company’s concerns.

Recent years have seen a number of changes impact on how organisations structure their finances to create attractive remuneration packages for employees whilst ensuring such negotiations and deals are commercially viable for the firm to sustain successful growth.

Dominic Merlin-Cone, Partner, Employer Solutions and Indirect Taxes said:

‘There is now greater diversity across remuneration schemes as companies seek innovative and valued ways to attract the right people into their business. Flexible benefit schemes, annualised hours for contractors and reward and recognition all play a part in today’s commercial landscape. The important point to highlight is the need for due diligence on behalf of all parties to ensure the business is operating in the most beneficial way for the employee, in the most tax efficient way for the organisation and in the most profitable way for the stakeholders.’

He went on to tell us:

‘The remuneration model is flexible and easily adaptable to accommodate the requirements of individuals and the business they work for. However, in order to comply with HMRC constraints and current legislation, it is imperative that Finance Directors have access to the levels of knowledge and expertise required to stay abreast of the complexities and specialisms that occur in such circumstances.’

The FD Intelligence Event will look at tax efficient remuneration, new tax legislation and tax risks, together with implications of IR35 and Employee Share Schemes. If you are interested to attend this event, please contact Louise Medina who will provide full details.