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Anne Boden, Returns to Swansea After Founding the UK’s First App-Only Bank


What does it take to head-up Global Transaction Banking across 34 countries for RBS and ABN Amro; to help architect CHAPs, the UK’s first real-time payments system; be COO for Allied Irish bank; and to go on and found your own app-only bank, Starling Bank by raising £48M, one of the largest early-stage investments for any tech company in Britain? Someone who has achieved all of this in her illustrious career is Anne Boden. But, what you might not know, is that Anne grew up in Swansea and graduated from Swansea University in Computer Science before leaving our shores for London to achieve a highly successful career in the fintech industry.

Anne is returning to TechHub Swansea on Monday 7th August to tell her story and inspire the next generation of tech superstars, entrepreneurs and startups from our region. She will be giving her insight into how she has become a leading female pioneer in the fintech industry, and someone who is responsible for driving change by using technology to challenge traditional banking methods and ultimately improve the customer experience.

“I grew up in Swansea. I went to university here. And I’m delighted to be back home, visiting TechHub, sharing my story as a computer technologist who has now built a bank, and meeting many of the entrepreneurs coming out of Wales. Many forget there is more to tech in the United Kingdom than just Shoreditch in London. But as I’ve said before, technology is boundless – it is an attitude, a movement, and a science – it is genderless, and ultimately, it is about a better life. This is what drove me to found Starling Bank, which we think of us as tech start-up with a banking license. We want to give everyone a chance at a healthy financial life and at Starling, we’re using technology to do just that.” – Anne Boden.

“Bringing local, inspirational leaders back to the region, and giving them an outlet to inspire our tech entrepreneurs is a key part of our mentorship and events programme” explains Jen Clay, CEO of TechHub Swansea. “Anne is extremely passionate about her heritage and about the tech ecosystem we at TechHub Swansea are nurturing. The only option available to her to pursue her tech career was to leave Swansea to fulfil her ambitions. The same cannot be said of today, although there is still much to be done to continue the growth of our region, and technology is the key to that.”

TechHub are welcoming Anne on August 7th, where she will be revealing more about her inspirations and experiences as a female tech leader. And, more about how the customer experience is becoming an increasingly important factor in driving change in the financial world; how she has built a bank from scratch, and raised £48M; and what the future holds for Starling following their recent Apple Pay integration and launch of their Marketplace API – opening them up for further collaboration and transparency in an industry ripe for disruption. [sign up]