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10 November 2021

Achieving Net Zero Handbook Launched to Support Food and Drink Manufacturers

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has today launched its handbook to help food and drink manufacturers on their journeys to Net Zero.

The ‘Achieving Net Zero’ handbook outlines how the FDF and the food and drink sector can address these challenges, and provides practical guidance for food and drink manufacturers, particularly those at the early stages of developing their climate strategy.

COP26 in Glasgow comes at a pivotal time as the food and drink industry looks to address both the causes and consequences of climate change, ambitiously aiming to move towards Net Zero. While the industry is already making great progress, as highlighted in the FDF’s most recent Ambition 2025 report, this brand-new tool will support, and guide businesses make even more crucial steps to reach Net Zero.

Ian Wright CBE, Chief Executive, Food and Drink Federation, said: 

“The publication of this excellent handbook for food and drink manufacturers is a significant moment in our sector’s journey to Net Zero. The handbook will be an important tool for food and drink manufacturers – and others across the supply chain – striving to achieve Net Zero by 2040. This work demonstrates the huge value of ever stronger collaboration with all stakeholders across the farm-to-fork supply chain. Created and published in the slipstream of COP26, the ideas and actions outlined here provide an indispensable blueprint for food and drink businesses to deliver their Net Zero ambitions.”

Emma Piercy, Head of Energy and Climate Change Policy, Food and Drink Federation, said:

“In order to meet the UN’s sustainable development goals, changes in how the global food system meets the needs of a growing population need to accelerate. When considering the reliance of food systems on the natural environment, how we adapt to the causes and consequences of climate change are key. In our sector, all participants, including manufacturers, have a role in achieving these changes which will require action and collaboration across the full supply chain.

“The FDF’s Achieving Net Zero handbook provides information and practical guidance for all food and drink manufacturers in establishing their carbon footprint, and the actions and influence they can bear on each part of the supply chain as they undertake their own journeys’ to decarbonisation. COP26 provides the perfect springboard for greater climate action in the food sector – the FDF looks forward to working with all stakeholders, including government, on our Roadmap to Net Zero.”

Victoria Prentis MP, Minister of State for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, said:

“I applaud the FDF and their members’ commitment to reducing emissions in the food system. Our food industry is at the vanguard of the nation’s efforts to reach Net Zero, so that we can tackle the most pressing environmental challenges.

“I encourage all food and drink manufacturers to follow the guidelines laid out in the handbook, so that we can take yet another step to reducing emissions and creating a more sustainable food system for generations to come.”

Simon Miller, Managing Partner, 3Keel LLP, said:

“We were delighted to work with the FDF to produce this handbook to help guide food and drink manufacturers – and particularly small and medium enterprises – to swiftly reduce emissions from the UK food system. The 3Keel-led consortium, along with Canopy: Sustainability Consulting and Mike Barry Eco, prepared recommendations and checklists covering the full value chain, from the ingredients sourced, to manufacturing and distribution operations, right through to preparation in people's homes. We hope the handbook will be a key tool to help manufacturers on their decarbonisation journeys to Net Zero.”


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