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Accountancy Firm Introduces Unlimited Holiday for Employees


Cardiff accountancy firm EST Accountants and Tax Advisers has introduced an unlimited holiday policy for its employees. Unlimited holiday is a relatively new concept with some large companies announcing that the employees will be able to take as much holiday as they want, whenever they want.

Whilst offering unlimited holidays is not a current trend, flexibility in holidays is something that is on the increase.

“I wanted everyone in the team to be able to take time off when they feel they needed it,” said Barry Esterhuizen, Director of EST Accountants. “I hope that unlimited leave will make my business an attractive place to work and help with staff retention. The annual leave system is archaic and I want staff to have the freedom to plan their own time.”

For an unlimited holiday scheme to be successful, team members need to be highly self-motivated and have a clear understanding of the business’ goals and the link between their work and achieving those goals. Strong leadership and a positive culture are essential components, too.