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20 August 2021

A Vision for a Digital Public Sector in Wales

The unprecedented challenges that have been faced in recent times, such as adult social care, demonstrate just how user-led digital experiences have become essential to keeping up with the high demands within the sector whilst delivering an exemplary service to its customers.

Business News Wales spoke to Jessica Leigh Jones, the newly appointed Chair of the Centre for Digital Public Services (CDPS) and the Co-founder of iungo Solutions, to talk about her new appointment and what her visions are for driving digital innovation within the Welsh public sector.

CDPS are an arms-length body to the Welsh Government that was launched in June 2020, working collaboratively across public sector organisations in Wales to design and deliver services around the needs of the people who use them, through providing direction, standards, guidance, training and hands-on practical help.

Jessica says:

“There is a clear vision for digital in Wales, improving the lives of everyone through collaboration, innovation and better public services. […] I have chosen to take on this important role as I believe that digital offers a pathway to create more cohesive, more equal and more prosperous communities in Wales, and I am both excited and privileged to be a part of making that happen.”

What exactly is Jessica’s vision for the role that digital can play in the Welsh Public Sector? She adds:

“I want to see a Wales where we leave the silos behind, and work together to share knowledge, experience and join up the dots. We’ve started communities of practice at the Centre, where we see organisations from the public, third and private sectors working together to find solutions – and we need to build on that.”

“Let’s create more communities, more opportunities to share, and more opportunities to ‘break the silos’.”


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