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9th April – Swansea
Swansea City Centre Conference



2019 marks 50 years since Swansea was awarded city status – and this year sees the city going through an important renaissance. As major building works get underway, the face of our city is changing. But what about its heart and soul? What does the future hold for this green city on a blue sea?

Swansea City Centre Conference will celebrate the businesses, organisations and individuals who are making things happen – a new wave of changemakers, investors and entrepreneurs who are ambitious for the future of the city and driving forward exciting projects, developments and initiatives.

Find out about exciting projects currently underway, hear from thought-leaders and decision-makers, and help shape the vision for a vibrant and successful city.  Whether you run a business, work in the city, or simply want to discover Swansea’s emerging future, we invite you to join us at this landmark event for our city centre.
It’s Your Swansea – be part of it!

The Four Conference Zones:

The Development and Investment Zone showcases the exciting projects underway in our city centre, and champions the businesses, large and small, who are involved in construction, development and infrastructure in the city and the region.
The Development and Investment Zone is where you’ll meet major local businesses who are already involved in major construction, development and infrastructure in the City and the region. You’ll gain valuable knowledge of our local supply chain and it will be an opportunity which will help our local workforce and education sectors to understand the opportunities that will come from current and proposed developments.

The Destination Swansea Zone will showcase the best of our diverse and distinctive leisure, tourism, hospitality, retail, food & drink, entertainment and visitor experiences.
The Destination Swansea Zone will bring together businesses and organisations in leisure, tourism, hospitality, retail, food & drink, entertainment and visitor experiences. How might we build on our daytime offer, our night time strategy, and boost the number of people visiting Swansea – for business and for pleasure?  We want to hear from you.  Conversations in the Destination Swansea Zone will be the perfect opportunity for you to meet local businesses in this sector, gain ideas, insight, share best practice and form collaborations for the benefit of everyone.

In the Creative & Digital Zone we’ll be talking about art & culture, invention & innovation and the opportunities for the digital sector here in Swansea.
The Creative and Digital Zone will showcase Swansea’s creative economy, promoting successful local businesses, emerging talent, and Swansea’s new wave of art & culture, invention & innovation and the digital sector. Hear from local changemakers about their work to bring culture back to the city centre, and learn about what the arrival of ultrafast fibre broadband will mean for all of us. With a new digital district planned for the Kingsway, what are the opportunities for development of the Creative and Digital economy over the coming years?

The Energy and Environment Zone will bring together all those working on climate change, renewable energy, sustainability, plastic-free, health & wellbeing projects and initiatives.
The Energy and Environment Zone reflects our vision for the Swansea we want. We live in an area of outstanding natural beauty and we’re very blessed to have a fantastic coastline which not only boosts our wellbeing but also lends itself perfectly to many forms of clean energy generation, including wind, wave, solar, hydrogen and (fingers crossed) tidal. What are the barriers? How can we make change happen towards a greener, cleaner and more “circular economy”?

The City Centre Conference & Exhibition will be a landmark event for Swansea, and an opportunity for everyone to have their say in shaping the future of the city, As a local business, you need to be there, showcasing your work and presenting yourselves as an integral part of what makes Swansea a great place to live, work, invest and visit.

Cost:Free To Attend, Exhibition Packages Available
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WHEN:9th April 2019
Swansea – The LC