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8th January – Cardiff
Developing Your Confidence, Self Esteem & Positive Assertiveness Training



This One Day course is ideal for your Sales, Customer Service or Management Team.

Developing Positive Assertiveness

Being assertive is being able to express yourself with confidence without having to resort to passive, aggressive or manipulative behaviour. By developing assertiveness and becoming aware of our own strengths and weaknesses, we can modify our behaviour for greater effectiveness in social and business interactions. There can be a fine line between being assertive and aggressive, understanding the difference can make all the difference to the outcome of situations.

For anyone seeking to increase their own assertiveness it is helpful to understand the typical personality and motivation of excessively dominant people. When most people talk about wanting to be more assertive, what they really mean is “I’d like to be more able to resist pressure and dominance of excessively dominant people”.

This half day course provided a step-by-step program that teaches you how to stand up for what you believe whilst respecting the rights of others doing the same.

Who Should Attend?

This level 1 course is for anyone that needs to develop their assertiveness skills and improve communication with others. This session will provide guidance on how to become more assertive and build self-confidence, which in turn will help you to achieve greater work effectiveness and productivity.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

To the subconscious mind confidence equals competence. Confidence creates trust, and everyone wants to be able to trust the people they do business with, to project trustworthiness you must project confidence. From an employers perspective there is high correlation between performance and confidence/ self-esteem. As performance is connected with profitability, low levels of confidence and self-esteem amongst staff ultimately will affect the bottom line of a business.

Confidence and self-esteem greatly affects the likelihood of success on our endeavors, both professional and personal. As this affectsour level of competence, this can subconsciously limit our expectations of success limiting our opportunities and ability to develop new skills, preventing us from demonstrating our true potential.

This half day course will encourage you to build and maintain you self-image and put your opinions and ideas forward with confidence and conviction.

Who Should Attend?

This is a level 1 course targeted at those individuals who want to increase their confidence and self-esteem. This course is an essential learning experience for the shy and unassertive.

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WHEN:8th January 2019 – 09:30 – 16:30 GMT
WHERE:Cardiff – Holiday Inn