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5 Vehicle Hire Trends of 2018


As 2017 draws into a close, we at Pronto Hire are keen to explore the trends shaping the world of vehicle hire in 2018, drawing on digital progressions, buying activity and customer behaviour to do so. Having seen many trends come and go over the course of the past twelve months, we believe the following to sit at the forefront of the vehicle hire market.

Driverless technology

Promoted by the likes of Volvo and Uber to Welsh Government and even the local start-up community, autonomous driving is regarded as the future of travel. Impacting the vehicle hire market in particular, we at Pronto Hire see driverless technology lording the market in 2018; seeing Google, Lyft and the likes testing their technology on the roads of the UK.

Flexi-hire over buying outright

Detailed in various reports released by The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), van-buying activity has slowed down drastically; with November seeing figures fall by double digits. The light commercial vehicle market has seen the biggest hit, with purchases down 11% for this month alone. Expected to roll into the New Year, we believe flexi-hire will continue to take a front seat, with lots of its features proving beneficial to businesses in particular.

In-car smart tech

While we wait for autonomous driving promises to come to fruition, manufacturers from various car brands will place focus on in-car tech, giving drivers enhanced vehicle security and an improved driving experience. Volkswagen, Peugeot, Ford and Citroen are arguably four of the biggest players with regards to in-car and in-van technology, all set to launch improved technology with their 2018 models.

Seasonal peaks

The van hire market is much in demand during Autumn and Winter, fed by the proliferation of internet shopping in the run-up to events such as Black Friday and Christmas. This means delivery fleets, especially, are required to expand their fleets temporarily, with industry activity ramping up as December approaches.

Already taking bookings for 2018, we are already seeing our vehicles being requested by customers from overseas, happy to welcome them and explore the amazing roads of Wales.

Overseas renters

This year, we have seen a huge increase in overseas renters, particularly with regards to our motorhome rental division of the business. From people viewing Wales as a top holiday destination, to the weaker Pound meaning rentals in Wales are more competitive for international tourists, we expect this new trend to stay put in 2018.

If you are looking for more information on van, car and motorhome hire, be sure to contact us at Pronto Hire today. With a range of deals and promotions running throughout the month, our friendly team will be happy to assist.