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30th May – Swansea
Sales Seminar – Nothing Happens in Business Until Somebody Sells Something!



If you want to grow your business then somebody must engage with customers and sell something, otherwise there’s no business!

I keep saying to Business Owners, C-Suite Executives, Managers and Employees that nothing happens in business until somebody sells something.

That’s the message of this seminar. Great organisations are those that understand people, create and adapt process and manage with empathy and leadership that inspires everyone in the business to work, breathe and share the core values that underpin everything the brand stands for.

Sales is all about people and the messages focus on why selling is an emotional experience and the essential human characteristics needed to be successful. It’s not about glittering CV’s or past reputation it’s about what you believe and how persuasive and authentic your messages are during your conversations between you and the client.

However, structure and processes that keep the business on track are an important part of any organisation’s success and having the right leaders in place that understand people and live and breathe the visions and values of the company is an essential part of the machine.

Summary of the seminar’s content includes:

  1. Understanding people and behaviour
  2. Why values are so important
  3. Creating processes that are adaptable and workable
  4. The structure of a sales presentation
  5. What constitutes good leadership and why it is so vital in any business

Great people, processes that work and inspired leadership is what this seminar is all about and you can attend FREE at the Village Hotel, Swansea, 10.30am registration for 11am 30th May 2018.

Seminar with Q&A – will conclude at 12.30pm.

You can register today, by emailing [email protected] requesting a FREE registration with name and contact details or book via the link below

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WHEN:30th May 2018 – 10:30am (registration) with an 11am Start
WHERE:Swansea – The Village Hotel