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Three Reasons Why Adopting a Welsh Language Policy Can Enhance Your Business


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The Welsh language is regarded as the greatest inheritance of Welsh people and a rising number of Welsh companies are now integrating it into their business plan. With Brexit bringing an air of economic uncertainty, 2017 is expected to see more companies from various sectors investing in bilingualism.

Below are just a few examples of why adopting a Welsh language policy can help enhance your business.

Demonstrate an understanding of the official status of the Welsh language in Wales  

Welsh is considered a distinct language dating back to the 6th century AD, by which time Welsh speakers had made their way into what is now Wales by the Anglo-Saxons. Ingrained within the culture of Wales, the Welsh language signifies the history of the country, celebrating the Welsh and their status as a community.

There are many organisations wanting to mainstream the use of Welsh within their community, from the Welsh Language Commissioner to the Chambers of Commerce and other business groups. Eager to cement social sustainability, keeping the Welsh language alive gives focus to a community's values and aspirations, traditions and shared memories.

By joining this vision, you as a business display your consideration for Welsh language and its effects on society, making the adoption of Welsh much more than a marketing tactic.

Indicate your respect for culture and community in Wales      

Brand values go a long way in the modern world of business, with Welsh consumers relating to companies that respect their culture. Proving that your business invests both time and money in speaking to customers of various languages, you can show that you consider the wider Welsh community when running your business.

This can be achieved through bilingual content marketing strategies; a service that translation firm, Wolfestone provides. Getting amongst a wider target market whilst delivering a more defined marketing message, bilingual content boasts a long list of benefits.

Whether you aim to translate white papers and web content into Welsh or want to start with a simple “Bore da” and “Prynhawn da” on the phone, your efforts will certainly be recognised.

Promote an attractive working environment    

Although a great deal of the benefits mentioned above surround marketing to consumers, working with a Welsh strategy can also have a great impact on sourcing local talent. Investing in Welsh can do wonders for your employer brand, attracting a pool of talented Native Welsh speakers who want to join your team.

If you are a Welsh business, working alongside local universities such as UWTSD, Swansea University and Cardiff University can attract such candidates, helping to stop the brain-drain to London.

If you require assistance with the implementation of a Welsh language strategy, contact translation specialists Wolfestone today. Offering a variety of Welsh translation services, they will be sure to help.


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