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29th January – Llandudno
The Cynefin Project


The Cynefin Project
The Cynefin project aims to repair and digitise around 1,200 tithe maps and transcribe over 30,000 pages of index documents by September 2016. The aim of this project is to create an online resource which can be freely accessed to research the tithe maps and their indexes in an efficient and innovative way. In order to create the online resource, a crowdsourcing website has been set up to allow anyone to contribute to the project by volunteering online.

What are Tithe Maps?
Tithes were payments charged on land users. Originally, payments were made using commodities like crops, wool, milk and stock. Tithe maps were produced between 1838 and 1850 to ensure that all tithes were paid with money rather than produce.
These are the most detailed maps of their period and they cover more than 95% of Wales. The index documents for each map list the payable tithes, the names of the landowners and land occupiers, the land use, and in most cases (75%) the field names.

Volunteering Online
All the volunteering work for the Cynefin project can be done through the crowdsourcing website, and can be done at a time and place which suits you. There is no commitment required in terms of volunteering hours – every contribution is appreciated.
Your volunteering work will allow us to connect people and information about the land to specific places on the maps. The online volunteering tasks include transcribing, geo-referencing, and clipping.

WHEN: 29th January
WHERE: Llandudno