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28th June – Cardiff
The Unstoppable Leader – CMI Cymru at the Insole Court


CMI Cymru are pleased to be working with Insole Cour to provide a series of events for Leaders and Managers in Wales.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is key to maintaining your knowledge and raising the professional standards of Leadership across Wales.

The session starts at 0900 with an opportunity to network with leaders from other businesses. Refreshments will be available.

You don’t need to be a CMI member either! We are pleased to invite colleagues from, Chwarae Teg, ICE and ACCA and other professional bodies and associations, as well as business owners and leaders from across Wales.

Our events are FREE to everyone, but we reserve the right to levy a charge of £10.00 if you book a place and do not attend without giving us advanced notice.

The speaker will start the presentation at 0930 and we aim to finish by 1100.

How To Be An Unstoppable Leader

In a world that is increasingly about hustling, crushing it & smashing it, it’s easy for our attention to be permanently focused on the tasks that must be completed to achieve our targets, whether that’s our daily to do list, our monthly KPIs, our annual plan, or even our long term strategies. For some of us, especially in the early days in a job, working in this way may be really motivating. For others, or as time goes by, it can be simply and increasingly exhausting.

It doesn’t have to be this way. When we understand that to be unstoppable – to be in flow – is a state of being, and not just of doing, so much more becomes possible. How would you like to show up as the very best version of you – in your business or your team/organisation, and in your life?

This 90 minute experiential session will focus on the three core components of BE-ing unstoppable, including the importance of Personal Leadership, once described by Peter Drucker as the only type of leadership that will count in the 21st Century. You’ll also learn why being ‘in flow’ – the optimal state of consciousness where we perform and feel our best – brings out the very best in us and helps us to be a more impactful leader.


  • During this session you’ll learn:
    The three core components of BE-ing unstoppable and how they can help you to be a more impactful leader in your business or your organisation;
  • How to find your flow when you need it most. We’ll look at a six step process that will help you to identify how you can be in flow more often, and particularly in areas of your life or business where you would like to improve your performance; and
  • How ‘being in flow’ can bring out the very best in you and create a more positive or successful future.

This is a session that is all about self discovery and helping you to reach your full potential as a leader – in your business, in your organisation and/or in your life. Bring with you an example of when you were so engaged in an activity or a hobby that the rest of the world disappeared, a willingness to suspend all you think you know, and give yourself permission to get really curious!


Sue Revell

Sue is a deeply experienced Personal Leadership & Mindset Coach to ambitious professionals who are on a mission to succeed. Based in the UK, she works internationally and her VIP clients include ambitious entrepreneurs, business leaders, athletes, performers & political leaders who want to up their game, accelerate their progress and maximise their results. Sue co-hosts a leadership podcast, On The Tipping Point, and is the founder of a growing online community for ‘Women on a Mission’ to share experience and learning, and to collaborate and co-create as the community grows.

In addition to being a NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, Sue has a portfolio of leadership and teaching roles. She is a guest lecturer in Personal Leadership on the Cardiff University international MBA programme and also teaches Advanced Communication Skills on behalf of Glyndwr University. Sue is a Non-Executive Director of the Pobl Group (Care & Support Board), where she is also the Vice Chair of the Organisational Development Committee, and a Board Member of Chartered Management Institute Cymru, where she has a particular interest in championing mentoring in Wales.

Sue’s extensive leadership experience includes healthcare management, strategic planning and complex project management & delivery. Her experience in leading large scale complex change projects, led her to develop very finely honed skills in working with individuals, teams & organisations to create personal and professional change. Her signature ‘I Gotta Be Me’ VIP coaching experience, helps high performing professionals to achieve their personal ‘mission unstoppable’ in the most effortless & authentic way possible.


Sue’s work is nothing short of transformational. If she can get me from ‘stuck’ to feeling like I’m flying with an amazing vision within an hour, I can’t imagine what she’d be capable of within a day. Amazing Results.
Ginny Carter – The Author Maker, Macclesfield UK

I have always believed in working with the best coaches in the world, and I believe Sue to be in that category. She has helped me focus, gain clarity and connect with a deeper level of fulfilment in my work to date and future plans.
Angela Durrant – Voice and Performance Coach, Wales UK

Sue is an extraordinary coach. I’d recommend her for anyone wanting to make a change or step up to a new level of performance: she will enable you to make the transition more quickly and completely than you might have dared hope.
Alison Jones – Director. Bramley, UK

I highly recommend Sue to anyone wanting to break through to the next level of what they sense they are capable of. She has a natural warmth that makes her easy to engage with, combined with a well-grounded, professional approach that gets results.
Linda Cassells, Publisher. Auckland NZ


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WHEN: 28th June
WHERE: Cardiff