Showcasing the Best of Welsh Business


26th February – Cardiff
BITC Cymru 2018 launch



Building on the success of our fantastic Give & Gain Days, our event in February is an opportunity to find out how you can start engaging with your community and really focus on how you operate in and connect with a place and the people who live there.

Since May 2017 BITC Cymru has been developing a different way to do community engagement, based on the principle of having better conversations. These #CommunityConversations have been focused in specific areas – our first in Newport, then in Porth, Butetown and two more planned for coming months.

By bringing together the private and voluntary sectors, along with public sector partners, we created opportunities to have better, more open and frank conversations about what works, what doesn’t and what should happen next. It isn’t about having all the answers or fixing everything overnight, but our approach changes the way we ask businesses to engage in communities.

Alongside two more Conversation events, we will also be coordinating new Business in the Community Days (#BITCDays) to help employers and organisations give their skills and time, whilst gaining valuable experience throughout the year. These #BITCDays will build on the huge success of Give & Gain Days in the past and create opportunities for employers and partners to continue to have positive impacts in local communities in Wales.

As with our Community Conversation events, there will be a focus on networking and building relationships so come prepared to talk about yourself and some of your current activity – bring your business cards!

The BITC Cymru team will also be providing information about how you can get involved in what The Prince’s Responsible Business Network in Wales has planned.

There are plenty of spaces, but we anticipate this event will be very popular – so book now!

Please note that spaces are limited to two representatives per organisation. If you specifically require additional attendees, please speak with [email protected] 

WHEN:26th February 2018 – to WHERE:Cardiff