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25th September – Cardiff
Up Skilling your Dev Team


This talk is geared at Software Engineers aspiring to be Managers, Tech and Team Leads, Development Managers and CTO’s/IT Directors who are responsible for developers.

We have assembled two highly regarded and experienced managers who are able to bring to life real world scenarios to get more out of dev teams, inspire them to be able to write cleaner, reusable code and give them the confidence to play with technology in work.

Sarah Pantry

Sarah Pantry is a seasoned Software Development Manager, previously managing a team of engineers building websites for FTSE 250 companies. She is now a Developer on the VIP team at Automattic responsible for some of the world’s biggest WordPress sites including News UK, Facebook and New York Times.

Her talk Code Review done right was an absolute hit at a recent conference so she has agreed to do it again for us. Sarah will outline how Code Reviews are a great tool for levelling up developers and sharing knowledge, but when done wrong it can have hugely negative effects, cause stress, demoralise and burn out the best of developers. Sarah will be giving us takeaway tips on how to ensure we get more out of Code Reviews and make a tool for good.

Toby Maxwell-Lyte.

With over 16 years in the software development sector Toby is the Head of the Software Development Professionals at Companies House. He’s passionate about all things to do with agile software development, high quality code, meeting user needs and above all else supporting his team. In his spare time, Toby enjoys making pizzas and going camping with his 3 children.

His talk “why provide innovation time” will discuss the importance of giving time for developers to use the techniques, tools and technology they are adopting.

We will have a 15 min QA session and if anyone is up for it, offer time for an “off the cuff” lightening talk.

“Join us at the Gray Rhino watering hole and enjoy pizza from a local independent pizzeria as well as drinks courtesy of Rhino IT and Darwin Gray.”

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WHEN: 25th September 2019 – 08:00 – 10:00
WHERE: Cardiff – Tramshed Tech