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21st February – Webinar
Water Stewardship and Healthy Ecosystems



This webinar will help you understand where your organisation impacts on ecosystems and how to manage this. It will share what our leading members from a variety of sectors are doing to support healthy ecosystems and water resources as well as how they are minimising risks to vital business resources

The economy depends on the natural environment landscape, from the soil that produces food and materials to clean water and clean air, to providing housing for the growing population, or to give beautiful and accessible greenspaces that support mental and physical wellbeing.
Every business uses water, has a supply chain that impacts the landscape and employs people who breath the air and benefit from green space whether in an urban context or in the countryside. The protection and development of healthy ecosystems is essential, and every business can participate in this.
This webinar will help you better understand how your business may impact on the environment and give you examples of how to reduce any negative effects.
Who should attend?
  • Any organisation wishing to reduce impact on the natural environment
  • Colleagues working on the organisation’s environment sustainability programme
  • Colleagues with influence on purchasing – particularly from agricultural supply chains e.g. Purchasing, Agricultural managers/advisers, Supply Chain managers, Food service managers
  • Colleagues with influence on how buildings and land are managed e.g. Facilities managers, Capital investment managers, Land managers

This event is free for members of Business in the Community and will require no credits.

For further information
Please contact Florence Hughes, Events & Awards Coordinator

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