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2021: The Year for Creating Competitive Advantage Through Ecommerce


Ecommerce is the future for retail, and the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 has seen this sentiment elevated immensely during the past year.

As the pandemic hit in 2020, millions of people shopped online for the first time, and the number of eCommerce buyers will only continue to rise in 2021, with the eCommerce market looking set for continued growth over the next few years.

With eCommerce being in such high demand, the market will become more crowded and competitive, and the technology and innovation behind it will be an essential tool that will enable businesses to pivot to the online retail space.

Benno Wasserstein, MD and Founder at Box UK, speaks to Steve Dukes, COO at, Sina Yamani, CEO at Yoello, and Tom Lewis, Chief Sales Officer for Admiral Financial Services, about how 2021 will be the year that businesses define their online retail presence, the challenges faced along the way, and the opportunities that can be seen ahead.


Established in 1998, Box UK’s track record of success spans hundreds of high-priority and mission-critical software projects, delivered over more than twenty years.

A focus on heavy-use, multi-user platforms has given us deep experience in creating scalable, resilient and high-transaction systems for clients across the globe.

With an enterprise pedigree and a passion for technology, Box UK offers an unrivalled depth and breadth of experience in the development of scalable and resilient software systems – managing these full-lifecycle projects right the way through from planning to post-launch platform management.

Working with local, national and international organisations across a broad range of industries, our team of developers, solution architects, UX consultants, system engineers and product owners has built up an impressive portfolio of successful and award-winning projects.

We also excel in rescuing legacy projects, developing proofs-of-concept, embedding cultural and behavioural change via the implementation of agile, and conducting strategic analysis of your existing technology (or marketplace) to enable future decision-making.


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