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1st April – Cardiff
Brexit Check In: Don’t be fooled: Be prepared



With barely a month and a half to go till B-day on the 29th March, we cannot say for certain whether we will leave without a deal or indeed, what deal we will secure. We could also be in a position where parliament forces a long divorce, or even a second referendum.

It’s easy in this fog of uncertainty to throw up our hands and wait for events. Easy but misguided and foolish. Yet as CIPD’s polling last year shows, only a minority of HR professionals are prepared. Being prepared is paramount. By hearing from CIPD experts, the employment team at Eversheds-Sutherland and your professional peers you will be better prepared.

This session will air issues such as:

– How is the post Brexit migration system shaping up?

– What is happening to the legal and regulatory picture?

– Will there be any immediate changes to UK employment law?

We will also talk about the the developing registration system for existing EU migrants and the critical importance of workforce planning.

This focused session will help HR professionals to lead their organisations and their people through these testing times for Wales and the rest of the UK.

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WHEN:1st April 2019 – 17:30 – 19:30 BST
WHERE:Cardiff – Eversheds-Sutherland