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19th May – Cardiff
Rise & Shine! Google: Tales from the Online Frontline


From search to self-driving cars and everything inbetween, Google has grown from a start-up working from a modest garage in California into one of the world’s most formidable companies, spanning areas including technology, healthcare, entertainment, and machine learning. In this session, Gareth Evans, communications manager at Google EMEA, will take a look at the role public relations has played in Google’s rise, how difficult it can be to manage one of the busiest press offices in the world, how to engage with a new generation of millennials and what the next big PR challenges might be.

Speaker bio

Gareth works in the Global Communications & Public Policy team at Google, based in London, leading PR for various consumer products across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Before joining Google in 2006, Gareth spent several months at Portland, a corporate PR agency representing clients including Google, Bebo, NetJets and Agatha Christie.

Where: 19th May
When: Cardiff