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19th March – Aberystwyth
Transport for Wales – HR Essentials



Transport for Wales presents an excellent opportunity for Welsh SMEs to tender for business, their sustainable and ethical approach puts people first and contributes to their long-term sustainability.

In line with the Welsh Government’s objectives outlined in the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act; HR, Modern Slavery, Diversity, Equal Opportunities, Zero Hours Contracts and Ethical Resourcing will be key supply-chain requirements.

Business Wales offers a fully funded, HR Essentials Workshop, to help you prepare and enhance your chances of winning those tenders.

We will provide a background to the Future Generations (Wales) Act to enable you to better align appropriate responses to tender Pre-Qualification Questions on the Code of Practice on Ethical Employment in Supply Chains, followed by practical exercises and action plans to help you improve your Employment Practices and will cover topics such as the Living Wage, Anti- Bribery and Modern Slavery.

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WHEN:19th March 2019 – 13:30 – 17:00
Aberystwyth – Conrah Hotel