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19th June – Cardiff
Social Media Marketing Course



Learn How Social Media Can Be Made to Work for Your Organisation

This 1-day, non-accredited course is aimed at giving attendees a good foundation in the world of social media (it is aimed at beginner-intermediate users). It provides an equal balance of interactive presentation and discussion on the applications that businesses and companies should be starting to use in their marketing mix. Workshop numbers are limited to a maximum of 10-12 and delegates.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this 1-day course you will:

  • Learn a new framework for developing a digital marketing strategy
  • Discover how the major social networks work and how they differ to one another
  • Gain confidence in managing your own social media activities
  • Explore different approaches to using the social media platforms
  • Encounter new tools for creating, monitoring and publishing social media

Modules Covered

Social Media Themes

  • Social Media Today – stats and facts
  • Digital Media Touch points
  • Use of updates across networks
  • Listening, researching and monitoring
  • Social proof and User-generated content
  • Broadcast vs Engagement
  • SEO and Social Media


  • Creating tweets, notifications, using video and images.
  • Using retweets, notifications, direct messages, shortened URL’s and hashtags.
  • Building and nurturing a following.
  • Exploring how companies use Twitter: engagement, PR, brand building, selling, customer care, sales promotion and much more.
  • Monitoring, researching and listening.


  • What are Facebook pages?
  • How are organisations using them?
  • Deconstructing Facebook Pages – updates, cover photos and apps
  • Content creation looking at types of content – text, video, images, links hashtags – and how to create engagement.
  • How to generate more followers (likes)
  • Facebook ads and sponsored stories – how to use them to target specific audiences


  • How are companies using blogs – brand awareness, customer engagement, as a PR tool.
  • How can you use use blogs?
  • Exploring blog platforms, types of blogs and the content you would use.
  • A look at blog ambassadors, blog strategies, editorial calendars and embedding content.
  • What are micro blogs?

Video and Image Sharing

  • Exploring the channels – YouTube, Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest.
  • How are they being used by organisations?
  • Categorising media – how to guides, PR, FAQ’s testimonial, product previews, etc.
  • How to make your content more findable.
  • Creating and embedding content and role of user generated content.


  • Creating high quality LinkedIn profiles.
  • Developing connections and recommendations.
  • Learn to craft engaging content on your timeline
  • Using LinkedIn groups for yourself and your business.
  • How to create and develop company pages.


Our Cardiff courses cost from £175 per person and include:

  • Course material
  • Access to a password-protected Social Media blog which features videos, articles, podcasts, videocasts, PowerPoint slides, book links and more.
  • Refreshments are available throughout the day and lunch is served in the on-site restaurant.

Cost:£210 – £234
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WHEN:19th June 2019 – 09:00
Cardiff – Unit 1 & 2 Purbeck House