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18th February – Cardiff
Circles Networking



Our networking events are about the people in the room. Our attendees make great connections and do great business together.

If you have ever turned up to a networking event and thought, I know no-one and don’t like this! This group is for you. It’s friendly, relaxed but purposeful. We make great connections, our meetings are different each week so you you don’t get bored and you get a LOT more out of it.

Our meetings are:

Speaker slot, we all get to tell each other what we do and who we’d like to connect with then we have a longer slot covering a special session, we have had SEO, Marketing, Sales techniques, Branding and many other speakers.

Training, in these sessions, we have either three half hour sessions, two forty five minute sessions or if the subject is broad enough, one ninety minute session and it can be all sorts of topics, memory techiniques, personality profiling, emotional intelligence, mental health etc.

Mastermind, our attendees are encouraged to bring a question to the room, or situation that they are not sure how to resolve. The room will then bring the wisdom of their years to offer suggestions on how to deal with the question.

Circle Meeting, in this meeting, we have an interview session with another attendee and then at the end of the meeting, we do the other persons address to the room, the elevator pitch if you will. It’s a great way to learn what you tell people and discover if the message you send out is the one you think you do!?

One – to – One, in these meetings each attendee has three significant one-to-one’s with other people in the room. It’s the fast way to get to know each other, each session has a question and answer sheet with it so you get a headstart on the type of questions to ask and the information to extract.

Referral meeting. Probably the most powerful meeting we do, in these sessions, you are invited to sit with three other people and depending on how well you know them, create and introduction to someone in your personal or business network that you feel would benefit from their skills or be of help to them in developing their network further. Obviously this is entirely based on how well you know the person and the levels of trust you have in what they do. If it’s someone you have just met, you may have a contact on your list who you also don’t know well but it won’t affect your relationship if you simply introduce them to have a chat. If it’s someone you know well, you may introduce them into your major network, knowing the work they do would be massively beneficial.

If you have any questions about Circles, send us a message and we will respond.

Cost:Starting at £20
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WHEN:18th February 2020 – 06:50 – 08:30 GMT
Cardiff – Cardiff City Stadium