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£13.7m M4 Upgrade and New Junction Aims to Ease Traffic in Newport


A congestion hotspot on the M4 is set to receive a £13.7m upgrade over the course of the next year, with the new junction aiming to ease traffic during rush hour.

The 16-month long project will begin today, completely reimagining junction 28 of the M4 near Tredegar Park at Newport. With an aim to increase capacity on the roads, Welsh Government will also be upgrading roundabouts at Bassaleg on Forge Road and Pont Ebbw at Tredegar Park’s entrance, eager to rescue delays throughout the area.

In addition to structural changes, new smart traffic lights will be installed at the neighbouring roundabouts permanently. These are said to be “synced to ensure the smoothest and quickest traffic flow”.

These changes will be accompanied by two new lanes that will be added to the middle of junction 8 of the M4. The aim here is to permit traffic coming from the east to have access to the Southern Distributor Road (SDR) without having to go around the roundabout.

Improvements will also be made on the Pont Ebbw roundabout to ease traffic flow on the SDR. These upgrades are all scheduled to be completed by July of next year, with Welsh Government confident that these timeframes will be met.

While all positive changes for travellers, there are worries that traffic numbers could increase while construction work is taking place on the roads.

Defending their approach and how they will conduct the upgrades, Welsh Government said:

“Existing junction traffic capacity will be maintained during peak hours – prior to 09:30 GMT and after 15:30 during weekdays – throughout the construction phase, albeit the lanes will be narrower in order to provide working room.

“Off-peak lane closures will be utilised between 09:30 and 15:30 to facilitate the works when traffic flows are lighter.”