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12 Simple Reasons why you Should Advertise on TV


TV advertising has more to offer advertisers than ever before, not just because this growing medium remains at the heart of popular culture and advertising effectiveness.

Here are 12 crucial facts that every advertiser needs to know about television advertising, which demonstrate why TV remains the most effective medium of all time.

1. TV generates the most profit pound for pound!

Comparing the sales and profit impact of 5 types of media; the 2014 Ebiquity Payback 4 study discovered that TV advertising consistently outperforms other media in generating sales and was, on average, twice as effective per equivalent exposure as the next best performing medium which was press. It was also discovered that the longer you advertise on TV, the bigger the effect.

2. TV ads are trusted more than any other type of advertising

This is in part because of TV‘s tight regulation which ensures that viewers know the brands have been scrutinised and are safe and that children are protected. This trust is also in part down to our emotional relationship with TV, something which builds from childhood.