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What Not to Do When Filing For Divorce


This article was submitted by Peter Lynn and Partners

Applications for divorce surge in September, especially the first week after the summer holidays, as people decide on the future of their marriage after what can be a very stressful vacation.

Being with your partner for many days when a relationship is already experiencing problems is an issue but add the pressure of a holiday and putting on a “happy face” and it can quickly reach a breaking point.

Sara Plant, Partner and Head of Family Law commented:

“Summer holidays for some couples can be fraught with lots of tension, emotion and financial issues which can expose the fractures in an already strained relationship.  We see this reflected in the volume of divorce applications we receive in September”.

While the summer can mean breaking point for some, applying for divorce through anger can also cause many issues.  Sara Commented “Our advice is to be strategic. You need to protect yourself, your children and your assets so making such a big decision when emotionally charged can cause problems further down the line”.

From a financial point of view, divorce is one of the most significant decisions you will make, and if handled incorrectly, it can have devastating results on your finances, especially if your partner earns more money or you are forced to sell your home.  To that end alone, it is imperative you seek legal advice before making any announcements.

“Don’t rush and think about the end game” advises Sara. “Many people apply for divorce quickly and sometimes out of anger, especially if there has been infidelity, but it is better to be strategic”.

In high-value situations, obtaining financial records first before announcing the divorce will save time and money in the future, especially if your partner has the ability to try and hide assets.

Sara Plant continued:

“We use a variety of resources from property valuers to forensic accountants and even antiques experts, and while we have the means to identify and locate assets, it saves time and money if the documentation relating to assets is provided at the outset”.

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