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Statistically, in today’s digital age, it is a matter of when, and not if, a cyber-attack is going to impact you or your business. Our lives and our businesses have become irreversibly ”online”. As we connect more and more devices to the Internet and rely ever more heavily on our computers, smartphones and tablets, we hand over increasing volumes of sensitive data and put ourselves at risk of security breaches.

CyberLaw’s world-class team of cyber security experts and legal practitioners offers unparalleled advice, consultancy and legal representation in the field of cyber security. We assist our clients with complex legal cases, help them to understand and mitigate their online risk and prepare effectively for potential cyber security incidents.

CyberLaw can support you and your business in four main areas. However, their offering doesn’t stop there. Their expert team is on hand to assist you with any cyber security issue you may have.

The four main areas are:
• Cyber Security Audits
• Security Improvement Program
• Case Support
• Forensic Investigation

No matter how bespoke your enquiry, get in touch with one of their team today by calling them on 02920 484550. Alternatively, visit to find out more.